Air Powered Foamer • 20 Gallon Tank with 30′ Hose

The FM20 Foamer connects to your compressor to create a rich, aerated foam that will adhere to vertical surfaces and persist, improving contact time.

Air Powered Foamer • 20 Gallon Tank with 50′ Hose

Comes with a 50 ft hose attachement.  When connected to a compressor, the FM units can throw a foam up to 15 feet, providing excellent coverage and a persistent foam.

Mini Autofog
w/Stainless Steel Nozzle

Treats up to 5,000 sq ft alone or up to 7,000 sq ft with HAF fans. Perfect for individual greenhouses, quonset huts and smaller areas. More than one can be used together for larger areas and separated for smaller areas.

MSO Sprayer 100′ Package

The Dramm MS20-100 heavy duty sprayer includes the MSO Sprayer on the MS-20E Cart with 100′ of hose and a reel. Fully adjustable pressure up to 500 psi. Adjustable spray pattern & output rates 100’ discharge hose and 20-gallon tank. 120V AC. The Dramm Heavy-Duty sprayer is powerful and compact- designed for every type of chemical application.

Autofog Medium w/Stainless Steel Nozzle

The Autofog treats 12,000 square feet and has the potential to treat 26,000 square feet with additional fans. The Fogger head separates from control & compressor carriage for portable use.