To advance the commercial cannabis industry by simplifying procurement for our clients, streamlining the path to market for manufacturers, and expanding access to quality commercial products.


We are dedicated to sourcing quality products from established brands.  We firmly believe that quality inputs positively impact performance, minimize operational risk, and ultimately translate into brand equity for our customers.


We are focused on building long-term relationships by collaborating closely with our customers to meet their specific needs.  We strive to simplify the procurement process by being an effective and reliable partner in alignment with our stakeholders.


We achieve superior results and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. As former operators who have designed, built, and managed state-of-the-art facilities, we are confident that by providing access to premier horticultural products we will advance the industry.


RMJ Supply™ (“RMJ”) was founded in 2017 by experienced cultivators to reliably procure horticultural equipment and production inputs for commercial-scale cannabis cultivations.

While designing state of the art medical facilities, executives struggled to access premier horticultural equipment and products.  Sourcing, evaluating, and managing vendor relationships was consuming growers’ time and distracting focus from operational performance. RMJ became a strategic sourcing partner by building a network of vendor relationships to centralize procurement for cultivations. 

Today RMJ is the single source for at scale equipment systems, cultivation, and facility supplies. Our centrally located distribution center, deep operational expertise, strategic sourcing capabilities, and inventory replenishment solution make us the trusted distribution partner for MSOs and licensed commercial operators across North America.


Our team

Chief Executive Officer for RMJ Supply

Mike Kupferman

Founder & CEO, RMJ Supply

Mike has played an active role in developing state-of-the-art cultivations across North America, South America, and Europe. Mike’s expertise lies in identifying and sourcing growing equipment and systems that drive performance in commercial cannabis production.  

Mike began his career in Portland in 2004 when he launched some of Oregon’s first commercial medical cannabis cultivation facilities.  He moved on to California to help owners in Humboldt County improve operations and optimize output while minimizing environmental impact.   

In 2016, Mike led the design, buildout, and operation of Holistic Industries, Inc.’s initial 300,000+ square feet of cultivation in DC, MA, MD, and PA.  During this period, Mike oversaw development of an additional 50,000 square feet of cultivation for a specialized private equity fund. Today, these assets serve as the cornerstone for several leading brands. 

In 2017, Mike founded RMJ Supply to support equipment procurement for the projects he was involved in, naturally expanding the services to additional licensees. Ultimately, RMJ Supply became the first distributor solely focused on large-scale commercial cannabis production.  

Mike studied Renewable Energy Engineering and Automation at the Oregon Institute of Technology.  

Chief Operating Officer for RMJ Supply

Derek Koenig

COO, RMJ Supply

Derek brings over 15 years of international experience evaluating, developing, and executing growth plans, acquisitions, investments, and strategic partnerships in industries including facilities management, distribution, logistics, managed services, and technology. Derek placed his first investments in the cannabis industry in 2018.

Derek joined RMJ Supply in 2020 to support the company’s mission. Before joining RMJ Supply, Derek held progressive leadership roles at global facilities solutions provider, Sodexo. With clients in healthcare, nursing care, and educational sectors, he gained a unique understanding of the challenges in managing purpose-built real estate and controlled environments.

Derek began his career managing outsourced distribution operations for CPG brands, apparel firms, and industrial manufacturers by applying TOC and lean methodologies to improve profitability vis-à-vis the supply chain.

Derek holds a BA from Ithaca College in New York and an MBA from IE Business School in Madrid.