RMJ Supply Releases World-Class Collection of White Papers and Educational Resources Developed to Assist Cultivators in the CEA Industry

Oct 26, 2022 | Press Releases

Solutions-focused horticultural equipment distributor releases catalog of white papers bridging the gap between plant science, commercial horticulture and cannabis cultivation

NEW YORK, NY, October 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — RMJ Supply (“RMJ” or the “Company”), a solutions-focused distributor of horticultural equipment and supplies providing a single-source solution for the CEA industry, announced today that it has released an expansive library of white papers synthesizing research exploring the intersection of plant science, commercial horticulture and cannabis cultivation, to highlight sustainable best practices across topics including crop steering, water management, nutrients, and media applications, and how to consistently drive quality and yield. 

The collection, which is accessible for free on the Company’s website, was developed in collaboration between RMJ Founder and CEO Mike Kupferman, along with many other industry leaders with extensive operational experience in both indoor and greenhouse environments. Each paper focuses on a specific topic identified as a pain point in the CEA category as it relates to cannabis production. The papers include:

  • Crop Steering: The Intersection of Plant Science and Horticulture 
  • Demystifying the Secret Sauce: The Chemistry Behind Cannabis Fertilizers and Nutrition 
  • Enter the Root: Understanding and Choosing the Best Media for Your Cannabis Production Goals
  • Harnessing Metabolism: The Biological Foundation of Cannabis Yield and Quality 
  • Hitched to Everything: Plant-Water Relations in Commercial Cannabis Cultivation 
  • Pursuing Sustainability: The Weight of Impactful Design Choices

Each paper includes more than a dozen references to its contents, making the repository one of the most researched libraries of information on cannabis cultivation available for free online. The Company chose to release the collection of research-backed insights in alignment with their mission to advance the industry and bring best practices from horticulture to commercial-scale cannabis production. 

“Performance is at the core of RMJ’s values. Collaboration with professionals who have both MSO  cannabis cultivation experience and an educational background in plant science/horticulture has been an eye-opening experience,” said Mike Kupferman, CEO of RMJ Supply. “We have learned a lot about the diverse approaches to successful production. We hope that our customers and vendors will find the information useful and will further look to RMJ for our overall industry expertise. ”

To access the library of white papers, please visit https://rmjsupply.com/publications/.

About RMJ Supply
RMJ Supply (“RMJ”) is a solutions-focused distributor simplifying the design and delivery of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) projects through the procurement of horticultural equipment and fulfillment of critical cultivation and facilities supplies. Founded in 2017, RMJ combines proprietary technology, unparalleled industry expertise, and established procurement management best practices to evaluate sourcing alternatives, integrate engineered systems, and mitigate project risks. Learn more at https://rmjsupply.com/.

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