RMJ Supply Enters Partnership Agreement to Bring Integrated Vertical Racking Solutions to CEA Customers

Jun 1, 2022 | Press Releases

Leading solutions-focused distributor of horticultural equipment partners with Patterson Pope to Offer Spacesaver Product Lines Designed for Optimal Indoor Plant Cultivation

NEW YORK, NY, June 01, 2022 – RMJ Supply (“RMJ” or “Company”), a solutions-focused distributor of horticultural equipment and supplies providing a single source solution for the CEA industry, announced today that it has entered into a partnership with Patterson Pope, a leading provider of space optimization and storage systems, to offer the Spacesaver vertical racking product line to controlled environment agriculture (CEA) customers nationwide. This agreement comes as RMJ continues to build out its extensive network of product providers, further enabling it to bring its customers the best solutions at the best prices, with expedited lead times given the Company’s buying power.

Effective immediately, RMJ offers access to Spacesaver’s innovative vertical growing solutions, including both the mobile and stationary vertical racking systems. Spacesaver’s leading solution has been met with great enthusiasm throughout the CEA industry and allows for multiple levels of growing area, maximizes space, reduces energy use, and improves efficiency in plant cultivation. The systems are comprised of three main components: vertical racking constructed from heavy-duty steel and can be installed either stationary or on the Spacesaver mobile system; the carriages which house patented mechanisms that allow staff to safely move thousands of pounds with minimal effort; and rails which guide the carriages, creating a safe and easy path for movement around the grow facility. Additionally, Spacesaver and RMJ offer a harvest and drying rack solution that works seamlessly with the vertical grow solution, providing an overall efficient system for growing, harvesting, and transporting with fewer steps, translating to safer and cleaner operations.

“Increased performance in LED lighting has enabled cultivators to take advantage of vertical racking solutions which increase yield per square foot by more efficiently utilizing the footprint of their facility,” said Mike Kupferman, CEO of RMJ Supply. “We are very happy to be able to offer the Spacesaver product line and to partner with Patterson Pope in the development of customized solutions for the industry.  Spacesaver racks utilize high quality materials and are fully customizable to project specific needs. We are confident that by offering turnkey options for equipment integration and access to advanced controls and automation tools, that our customers will find the Spacesaver solution to be a compelling choice when designing or expanding their cultivation facilities.”

As technologies advance in the CEA sector, industry adoption of vertical farming has exploded, whereas the industry is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 23.5% from 2022 to 2026 (Source). Given the price variations of finished crops, plant cultivators continue to look at ways to remain competitive and keep costs down. Vertical farming has been become a preferred way to maximize yield per square foot while decreasing energy costs and ensuring clean harvesting procedures.

For more information or to contact an RMJ expert to discuss vertical farming solutions, please visit https://rmjsupply.com/spacesaver/

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