PROJECT lifecycle consulting

Engage our consultants for the design, planning, buildout, and operations of your facility.  The RMJ Advisory team has built a network of specialists with extensive operating experience to deliver high performing medical, indoor, and greenhouse projects to market.  We specialize in bringing the best of horticultural science to commercial scale production.  No hype, just results – see our work here.



Every project is unique, our comprehensive capabilities can be tailored to deliver a world class facility designed around your specific goals.


During Design, first we collaborate with the client to develop a high-level plan; we execute the plan by working with the architect and MEP team to design the facility comprehensively to mitigate change order risk and project delays during construction; and we develop budgeting and forecasting tools to support the business. During this phase, we assist with the following:

  • Advise on and collaborate with client to determine project scope, goals and priorities
  • Advise on and collaborate with client to determine project type i.e. greenhouse, indoor, field crop; and cultivation methods
  • Advise on and provide information for state cultivation application
  • Coordinate with client’s legal team to determine regulatory impacts on cultivation planning and site selection
  • Evaluate properties/sites based on project priorities, cultivation type and regulatory constraints
  • Advise on and provide information to client for local municipality communications and meetings
  • Evaluate/recommend architectural + MEP design teams
  • Advise on and provide information for business planning
  • Design conceptual space plan to guide architectural design
  • Create cultivation plan to define plant counts and plant movement through the facility
  • Create process flow documentation to visually depict cultivation plan
  • Lead architectural and MEP teams to design facility optimized for scale, integration and production
  • Advise on and identify cultivation equipment system priorities
  • Coordinate with equipment manufacturers to provide layouts and electrical requirements
  • Source and procure cultivation equipment*
  • Provide ROI analysis of equipment systems to guide recommendations on manual processes vs automated processes
  • Provide staffing plans and budget
  • Provide preliminary production forecast and cost of production estimates
  • Establish construction and facility start-up timeline
  • Advise on and coordinate genetics for startup

During the Build phase we manage the construction process to maintain budget and timeline; establish the guiding principles, procedures, and cultivation strategies for the facility; and stage the facility for a successful operation. During this phase we assist with the following:

  • Attend weekly construction meetings and other coordination meetings via phone and zoom
  • Travel to site, as needed, to coordinate sub-contractors, inspect progress and attend construction meetings in-person
  • Coordinate OFCI, OFOC and CFCI cultivation systems
  • Manage potential change orders and approve/decline change orders
  • Coordinate equipment delivery with manufacturers and general contractor
  • Coordinate commissioning of cultivation equipment systems
  • Develop and provide project specific SOPs
  • Hire and train key personnel
  • Recommend genetic material for facility startup
  • Develop fertilizer and environmental strategies to ensure plant health

In this phase we execute the plans established in prior phases. We support staff to propagate plants and remaining staff is hired and trained to manage the facility. During this phase we assist with the following:

  • Hire and train staff in accordance with staffing plan
  • Implement SOPs and develop forms to track proper implementation
  • Assist in propagating first cycle of plants in accordance with cultivation plan to establish proper crop schedule Active management of facility including regular cadence of remote meetings and onsite visits
  • Monitor/iterate environmental conditions and fertilizer/irrigation strategies to ensure plant health Implement and drive KPIs and process of continuous improvement
  • Establish integrated pest management program
  • Monitor staff development and dynamics

Once facility start-up is complete, we maintain ongoing support of the facility. During this phase, we assist with the following:

  • Monitor environmental and irrigation/fertigation setpoints to ensure plant health
  • Manage staffing plan to optimize for facility performance
  • Monitor KPIs and processes of continuous improvement
  • Analyze yield vs conditions/set points to progressively increase quality and yield
  • Ensure adherence and updates to SOPs