We provide options and guidance on alternatives that save you time and money



We are your single source solution for cultivation, processing, dispensary, and facility supplies


Our team of cultivators, designers and engineers are experts at developing horticultural solutions for commercial operations
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Execute data driven decisions and mitigate operational risks with a proactive sourcing strategy.   We offer an array of procurement solutions to suit your specific needs: request a peer reviewed quote, evaluate complex tradeoffs across all system categories, or engage our team to manage the whole procurement and commissioning process.

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Transform procurement from an afterthought to a competitive advantage.  RMJ Supply has developed a suite of solutions to simplify recurring orders.  Whether your purchasing model is decentralized or you have a centralized purchasing department, our distribution solution supports operational consistency, will save you time, and enable your team to focus on producing quality products.

RMJ Supply is a technology enabled distributor providing practical procurement solutions for commercial scale cannabis cultivations.  Our comprehensive catalog, proprietary technology, industry tailored solutions, and transferrable operational expertise enables our customers to save time, optimize assets, and streamline production